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July 11


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It was late at night, more or less all the cadets were sleeping in their dorms, most were eager to get to their beds, some were awake but talking quietly so their superiors wouldn't hear them.

Footsteps quietly echoed along the halls, well, as quiet as they could, boots clicking on the floor.

You couldn't sleep, you were struggling to close your eyes, it was risky heading to the cafeteria at this time of night, you could get caught at any moment but you could care less, you were not tired and you were in the mood for some tea, you prefer to make fresh tea than one sitting in a pot, freshly brewed tea made you at ease, made your body sooth and calm down. You opened the door and headed to the kitchen, closing the door quietly to not alert anyone. Your boots made a sound on the wooden floor as you opened the door to the kitchen.

You stepped inside and immediately reached for the tea, it was a struggle since you weren't exactly tall to begin with, hell, you were shorter than the corporal, only by a few inches though but still, that didn't matter.

You sighed as you began to make the tea, looking about to make sure nobody was in the room or watching you, the thought of being watched made your skin crawl.

You muttered something as you placed two cup and saucers on a tray along with a teapot. You headed into the empty room and sat on one of the tables, placing the tray down. You took one set of cup and saucer and poured yourself some tea and then drank it. You sighed and took a sip.

You perked up slightly to hear footsteps as you got the other cup and saucer and then poured tea into that one just as the door opened.

“Why are you still awake cadet?”

You said nothing and pushed the saucer with the cup on it to the person talking to you.

“Couldn't sleep.” You answered with the rim of the cup near your lips.

Levi said nothing and picked up the cup you pushed to him.

“It's freshly made, made it not too long ago.” You mumbled as you took a sip.

“You know, I was going to punish you for being up late brat.” Levi told you.

“Why not now?”

“You want a punishment?”

“No, not at all, just curious.”

Silence fell. You said nothing and took another sip of your tea.

“You do good tea.” Levi muttered

“I aim to please sir.”  

“Don't mention this to anyone, got it!”

“I won't.”

You placed the cup down after finishing your tea. You leaned back into your chair and looked to the ceiling and then closed your eyes, you were unaware Levi was staring at your neck, he had always wanted to just press his lips to your soft skin, mainly your neck, just to give a nip or two...Or maybe a bite to leave a mark. You opened your eyes but said nothing at all. You leaned back to normal position and poured yourself another cup of tea and placed the teapot down onto the table.

“I hope I'm not rude, but why are you up also?” You asked.

“Paperwork, more deceased than living.” Levi answered.

You frowned. “Yeah, that's why I can't sleep.”


“How can I sleep when I watch the life disappear out of my comrade's eyes before they got eaten by those damn Titans, to hear the bones snap and the flesh being torn into, to hear their final screams before they fall silent.”

“...Now I get it, you were at today's expedition.”

You nodded. “I got about ten Titans before my blades wore out.”

“You did your best.”

“I know.” You sighed. “But I feel it wasn't enough.”

“Most feel like that, sometimes I do.”

You looked at him in surprise that he admitted that.

“Don't. Tell. Anyone!”

“I won't, all of tonight's conversation will be kept to myself.”

He gave a sharp nod and poured himself another cup of tea.

“You know, I feel flattered you like my tea, my uncle said it was crap.” You admitted.

“Well your uncle has no taste, what does he normally drink?”


“Tch, where does he live?”

“Wall Sina.”

“Ah, he's one of those rich, lazy bastards, right?”

You giggled softly, causing his heart to flutter slightly. “Yes, that's right, that's why my father and uncle don't get along.”

“I can see why, with a piece of shit of an uncle like him.”

You laughed softly, to Levi it was melodic.

“Ah, it's been a while since I've had a good laugh.”

He smirked slightly but said nothing at all, he was secretly pleased that he made you amused and made you laugh.

You took another drink of your tea, it was quiet and peaceful, much nicer than today's event, much better than the screams, the flesh tearing, the bone crunching and mourning and the nasty insults from the people when they return through the gate.


You looked at Levi, a bit surprised he called you by his first name but you would never call him by his first name.

“Yes sir?”

“I want you to make my tea from now on, understand?”

You nodded. “Understood.”

you watched as he got up from his chair but you said nothing, you were a bit surprised when he headed your way.


“When we're alone, call me Levi.”

You said nothing but watched as he leaned down, however you were surprised when his lips pressed against yours, instead of pushing him away, you couldn't help but return the kiss.

“I'm going to steal you from your squad leader and put you on my squad.” Levi muttered.

“I don't think he'll like that.” You pointed out.

“So? I don't give a fuck, I don't give a damn what your squad leader says.”

He moved away from you as you finished your tea off.

“Once you've done cleaning up, come to my office, you're sleeping with me tonight.”

Levi walked off, leaving you blushing madly as a smile appeared on your face and you then giggled softly, gathering the items and walked off to the kitchen to wash them.
And there, getting stolen by Levi? I wouldn't mind that...At all.
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